Miss Bias

23 September 2010

La La Latrobe

I had a wonderful day on Sunday in Brisbane (even though it was raining) spending time with my two favourite ladies, my Mum and my sister, checking out all the boutique stores along Latrobe Terrace in Paddington. A super girls day out including shopping and lunch, shouting each other with belated and early birthday gifts. I ended up picking up a very cool and contemporary black dress, which I'll post some photos of in the next few days, from this amazing little boutique known as La La Latrobe. I fell in love with this store and it's beautiful presentation and array of interesting pieces.


The Elegant Bohemian said...

I would love to open up a boutique one day and this is EXACTLY how I would want it to look! Also, the white dress in the window....couldn't that be done with a large accordion pleated skirt and then just sew on the top? BRILLIANT! I'm really liking your blog! I'm following you!


Anonymous said...

Love the boutique! I will definately be going there to purchase a few garments! Love the blog Miss B!