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10 September 2010

Retail Interiors

What a week! I've had really long days this week, in which some days seemed to have merge into the next and at times I wasn't sure what day it actually was. I'm so glad that it is Friday though. I thought I deserved to take the night off to.....just be. My new uni assignment is to put together an interior space for a retail store using photoshop. I've been looking for inspiration and found Idea10 (Interior Design Excellence Awards). There are some really creative and amazing interior design concepts shortlised this year. However, since I am focusing on retail, I've picked out a few inspirations to put on show.

Really liking the line work.

Lisa Ho Queen St - Brishane
Design Practice - Nicholas and Alexandra
Photography - Terence Chin Photography

Simple, yet effective.

Uscari - Flagship Store Sydney
Design Practice - Greg Natale Design
Photographer - Anson Smart

Just loving the colour combinations.

Paul & Joe - Melbourne
Design Practice - Doherty Lynch
Photographer - Brett Goldsmith

I can't believe that this is a butcher's store.

Victor Churchill, Fine Family Butchers - Sydney
Design Practice - Dreamtime Australia Design
Photography - Paul Gosney

Photos courtesy of IDEA10


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

Miss Bias said...

Hi there

Thanks for the comment. This information was found at the Interior Design Excellence Awards 2010 (IDEA10). The link is in the post. Check it out as there are also some other amazing retail interior spaces just like the ones I've showcased here.

Miss Bias = )