Miss Bias

25 September 2010

She's gone la la

It was the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final here in Melbourne today and it was a huge anticlimax, as the result was a draw and there was no overtime played in order for a result to be decided. Meaning that both teams have to play again next week. That's right, you read correctly. The grand final has now become a 2nd grand final. I've never heard anything like it. What a disappointment to players, the clubs and fans. Fans paid thousands of dollars and some travelled a fair distance to be part of the experience but now may not actually get to be part of the experience because the final has to be played again next Saturday. I feel sorry for those people who took time off work, and travelled and paid a small fortune to be part of today's final, that will now have to be played again. I doubt if a lot of those same people will be able to return again next week. I would definitely feel a little hard done by. I think that the AFL should look into changing the Grand Final rules so that there will always be a deciding winner.

But enough about sport......

Below is the little, edgy, black dress that I was telling you all about in my last post. The boutique La La Latrobe, in which I showcased, has two of its own labels "She's gone la la" and "La La Luxe" . The below dress is a "She's gone la la" design.

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Anonymous said...

I love that little black dress Miss B! Edgy but classic at the same time! I really love the whole look you have going on :)