Miss Bias

20 September 2010

What did you say?

Early last week my throat started to feel a little tickle. Well, that little tickle, ended up tickling my throat all the way to losing my voice from Thursday onwards. Only today have I been able to project a decent amount of sound. I flew to Brisvegas on Friday to visit my family and I ended up having to communicate through actions and lip reading whilst on the plane. I'm not the greatest traveller at the best of times, let alone when I am unwell. It was not a pleasant experience, particularly when my right ear became blocked and the pressure became so great, that a few tears rolled down my cheeks as we made the descent into landing.

But the pressure eventually popped and I was able to enjoy my time over the course of the weekend. I was a little disappointed though that it rained most of Sunday. I was really looking forward to some quality sunshine. With the inbetween weather, I mixed up my style with a little of bit of every season. My sister had bought me some new earrings from a little store called Thousand Island Dressing. I have a few photos of the store itself, which I'll showcase in an upcoming post.


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Anonymous said...

Love the outfit Miss B! Only you could pull this combination off :)