Miss Bias

27 October 2010

A splash of colour

I've been thoroughly enjoying my Visual Communication class this semester as we learn both illustration and digital design. With very little art knowledge, I would have to say that my illustration skills were a far cry from anything worth even calling an illustration. But I believe anyone can draw, you just need to practice. I must admit, I don't practice nearly as much as I should. So my progress is quite slow. However, I do think that I have made some improvements in my drawing skills. Here are some recent artworks that I am happy to share. My final portfolios for illustration and digital design will be due in the upcoming weeks. So I will have to start getting seriously motivated on focusing my full attention to visual communication in order to produce works that I will be genuinely proud of.


Katie said...

They look great! I particularly like the perspective in the first one.

itslikeart said...

ohh these are lovely!