Miss Bias

25 October 2010

White light....

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post. I don't know where my time is going at the moment. I'm always late and constantly behind schedule. But this week, I feel a change a coming. I'm also hoping that the rain and cold temperatures will be put in Melbourne's winter past and open the skies to the clear blue and shining summer days ahead.

This is the first time in Melbourne that I've put on on these white pants. With Melbourne's wet and gloomy winter, white is definitely not a colour that can be worn between the months of May and September. But I've decided to bring them out of hiding and the dark despairs of the back of the closet.


Katie said...

I hope your white pants are a sign of continuing good weather. It would be nice to stop wearing Winter clothing.

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and the new hair colour Miss B!