Miss Bias

22 November 2010

Fashion Loft

I'm always looking for a bargain buy and most often, I forget to look online for great fashion at great prices. I am more of a try and buy sort of a gal, but I have a few girlfriends who are always telling me stories of their great buys from online stores. I decided to go online "window shopping" for an hour and I'm a lover and supporter of handmade clothing and boutiques, so I headed to Etsy. There are so many great handmade stores on Etsy, I was really impressed.

I came across this very cute store, Fashion Loft. One off pieces that are unique, interesting and affordable. Here are some of my top picks from the store and they are all under $50. So be quick.

1 comment:

FJM said...

What an amazing etsy find..!

I'm in the shop now & love them all... some of those dresse are just divine!

Thanks so much for sharing this little gem.