Miss Bias

13 November 2010

I'll have wedges with that...

I've been using dial up internet since Friday. I don't know how we used to use dial up? It is so slow! I took these photos on Friday, but it's taken me 3 attempts since Friday, to try and upload the them. Finally, I have achieved what I thought would be the impossible.

I think Friday was the first day since about April, that I've worn open toe shoes. I picked up these gems last year at the old Spencer St DFO, when Williams was having a relocation sale before they moved to the South Wharf DFO. I got these fabulous wedges along with another pair for the lowest price I've ever paid for brand new shoes - $21.97 for both pairs. Crazy, I know. I love wedges because they give me fantastic height and are amazingly comfortable.

I also decided to try a new colour when having my last pedicure - the colour looks blue in the photos but in person, I think the colour has more of a green hue. I'm undecided whether this is a colour I would choose again in the future.....your thoughts?

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