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09 December 2010

Let's celebrate

What....I have more photos to show from the recent Whitehouse Institute of Design's Graduate Parade and Exhibition. This is the final post from the event, I promise. The event was held on a Monday, and the previous Friday, I thought to myself, "What am I going to wear?" For such an event, of course I only wanted to wear something new. But then I thought, "I'm a Fashion Student going to a Graduate Fashion Show, I think I need to wear my own dress." So straight after work on the Friday, I went to the fabric store, picked out some material and made a dress over the weekend before the show. I ran around about an hour before the show and bought some new accessories also. I was pretty happy with the way it all came together considering it was so last minute.

Leanne Whitehouse, Founder, gives Third Year Gradudate and Student of the Year, Chloe Smith, a personal congratulations.

Billie Whitehouse, former graduate, and friends are all smiles after the show.

Third Year Graduates, Bree Fehsler, Jacqui Fazzari, Georgina Fitt,and Emma Hardie enjoy and celebrate their accomplishments.

Styling Students taking in their own efforts at the exhibition.

Whitehouse staff and Scott from Australian Fashion Guide enjoy a drink after the show.

First Year Fashion Students strut their style.
Third Year Graduate and Designer of the Year, Penelope Efthimiadis and her collection.

Celebrating with my fellow Second Year Classmates, Cassandra, Val, Jo and Erin.

Models behind the scenes.
Third Year Graduate, Stephanie Paladin, with her leading design and model.

Guests showcasing their style.
First Year Fashion Design Students soak in their first year achievements.

The male models show off their style in basic white tees and singlet.

Models and students backstage
A showcase of talent from the styling students.

Photos courtesy of Lance Lee and Miss Bias

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Katie said...

I think your dress looks fantastic. It's perfect for the occasion.