Miss Bias

16 December 2010

A little rock 'n' roll

I recently went to the U2 36o Concert Tour here in Melbourne. It was an incredible stage show. The sound and lighting were amazing and of course, the band themselves were fantastic. Bono is a real show man and boy, can he sing. But the whole band made their performance look so effortless. I guess that's why they've been, and still are, so successful. They were definitely born to perform and entertain.

As I was getting myself ready and deciding what to wear, I thought, "I'm going to a rock concert, so why don't I dress a little rock and roll for the occasion," and thankfully my boots were quite comfortable so come the end of the night, my feet were still in good spirits.

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Anonymous said...

Miss B! Love the outfit that you are wearing! You certainly can pull of the rock chick style!