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25 January 2011

The Androgynous Model

A slender, tall, beautiful, blonde Australian model hits the runway for the amazing John Paul Gaultier. The twist to this runway show is that it was for Gaultier's Spring/Summer Menswear collection. That's right, Menswear!

Andrej Pejic, 19, a Chadwicks model, is in fact a guy. His stunning androgynous features have seen him rise to fame in the world of fashion and modelling. I only stumbled across this fascinating young man just yesterday and was intrigued by his stunning good looks.

Pejic, has been fortunate enough to model both Menswear and Womenswear at Paris Fashion Week in 2010 for designers such as Galliano, Raf Simmons and Paul Smith. Not only beautiful, also intelligent, for the fact that this young man has found a niche that will get him work in both the men's and women's markets.

If I were an aspiring male model with amazingly feminine features, I know I'd be growing out my hair in hope to follow in Pejic's footsteps. How versatile will Pejic's career be and what fantastic opportunities will he encouter with these incredible looks not to mention the rise in dollars hitting his bank account.

With society today being more open and accepting of transgender roles within many cultures and commercial industries, is Pejic a modern day icon to aspiring models, both male and female....I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Photos courtesy AAP and Getty Images


Ria said...

Woah well isn't he lucky. I bet the other male models envy him since male models make considerably less than a female model.

Pippa said...

Wow! I couldn't even tell! until the plunging shirt shot that is...