Miss Bias

24 January 2011

Night out....

It was a Saturday night and I had bought a new dress the day before, so I thought why not dress up a little. The new dress is what I am wearing on top. It was see through so I wore a black slip underneath. It's funny how some of my most inexpensive purchases that I've made, receive the most comments. I had several compliments this night along with the question "Where did you get your dress from." I had placed myself on a no shopping schedule for at least a month since I overindulged in spending during my holidays, but it's always nice to buy something new, so it was only budget fashion for me. This bargain find is from a well known discount store "7 Angels" on Swanston Street. I walk past this store at least once every fortnight and usually on a Friday after work or the gym. I normally spend a good half an hour or so searching through the mass produced stock. But there are times when the search is worth the while particularly, when I find a diamond in the rough.


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit Miss B! Very sexy, chic and flattering!

Beckerman Girls said...

OHHH amazzzzing dress, love the print and looks amazing with the lace tights!! You look FABBB and those heels are super hot...love the buckle detail!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Natalie Liao said...

I love the fun tribal print of your dress! and those are such cute heels! :)

stop by sometime, xx natalie