Miss Bias

09 January 2011

Ooohhh Lilyhart

I managed to get to the last Up & Comers Fashion Markets of 2010. I thoroughly enjoy going to the markets where there are emerging designers, because you can discover new labels that you just wouldn't find if you were simply window shopping in retail stores. I'm so glad that I went to these particular markets, because I did in fact discover a cute little label, Lilyhart. I love the simplicity of the label's pieces and the colours in their collections. I was even luckier, as there was an "Under $50" dollar rack and I managed to pick up both this dress and jacket for just $60.


Audrey said...

Happy new year, and here's to a successful 2011!

Anonymous said...

I really love this look on you Miss B! The colours are so vibrant,sexy, chic and feminist all at the same time