Miss Bias

21 February 2011

Is it a keeper?

I've been slowly going through my wardrobe and working out what pieces I want to keep and what pieces I don't. I bought this leather skirt vintage in 2009 and I think I have only worn it about 4 times. I put it on again over the weekend to try and determine whether or not it is a keeper. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

As may eyes descend this spectacular leather piece i am challenged by it's subtle arrogance.

This piece can lend itself to almost any fall collection with the assistance of "personality" in the way of elegant knits and soft accompaniments.

Long stems are a must to achieve the delicate contrast between fabric, lay and line imperative in manipulating this leather beast into beauty.

Poingiant application of simple yet intense accessories and bold linear footwear.

Accessorise with matching facinator for that extra snap of instant elegance.

Yours in fashion

Jo said...

I think it's really cute! It would go well with an ASOS leather pan collar, have you seen those? I'm currently lusting over them! x www.lostinthehaze.com

Joanna Paulsen said...

I like those pumps!


district5 said...

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Paola said...



Nonszalancka said...

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Fashion Rehab said...

Those are really cute shoes.

Fashion Rehab

Abigail said...

adore it. never get rid of leather :) maybe you can make it a cute mini!! xx


Anonymous said...

Love this outfit Miss B! Feminine and sexy!!!

Miss Bias said...

Thanks for everyone's feedback responses. I've interpreted the general consensus that the skirt is a keeper.

Thanks also for the suggestions of other pieces I could pair with the skirt. Sometimes, you need to have a little outside perspective to help see what you can't.

I love reading all your comments so I hope to see you return and read more of your thoughts in future posts.

Miss Bias = )