Miss Bias

25 March 2011

Star Illustrator

This week I thought I would feature another talented Melbournian, fashion illustrator, Sarah Hankinson. With her exquisite line work and facial detailing, her images really capture the beautiful essense of her subject. I aslo love that her artwork can say so much with such minimalism. Her prints can be purchased at her cute Etsy store and if you want to regulary see more of this wonderfully talented woman, you can follow her blog by clicking here. This will be my inspiration for the last day of the working week.

Images courtesy of Sarah Hankinson's website and Coroflot


Chanelle said...

So jealous of these crazy artists...I wish I could draw!!!

CMA said...

love it! keep the inspiration coming!


BASIIK said...

These are beautiful.
Thanks for the comment (: