Miss Bias

17 April 2011

Maintaining beauty

I'm not one to talk a lot about beauty and specific beauty products because I've been pretty lucky as an adult and haven't really suffered from a great deal of blemishes and therefore haven't spent a great deal of money on expensive products or treatments. I also have sensitive skin and have been limited to using a number of products due to having allergies to particular ingredients found in most products. For my skin, I normally use the sensitive skin products that are on sale at the supermarket.

However, since moving to Melbourne, my lifestyle has become extremely busy and I have suffered a little from stress blemishes from time to time. Also the colder weather seems to really dry out both my hair and skin. I found that the inexpensive and non brand products that I normally use for my face, haven't really worked in helping eliminate the blemishes. I started to have facials last year and my beautician put me on to a product called Decleor. She advised that this product was fantastic for stress acne and blemishes.

In a matter of about 3 weeks after using this product, all my blemishes are completely gone and my skin feels much more refreshed. When I've finished the product months later and decide to go back to the regular products I use, the blemishes return. So I've now made a conscious decision to invest in looking after my skin. Yesterday, I went out and bought the Decleor Foaming Cleanser and Hydra Floral Moisturiser. It was a little more than I budgeted for, but I think the results will be worth every penny.

I have really fine hair so I find in colder and drier climates; my hair dries out and becomes really wispy. My sister swears by Redken for maintaining healthy hair, so she brought me Redken Conditioner for Christmas, in which I use once a week or fortnight to maintain moisture in my hair and I use a mousse for styling and a straightening cream to reduce the wispy frizz I tend to get. For cleaning my hair, I've found that it doesn't matter for me which shampoo I use, it's more about the conditioning and moisturising for my fine hair.

I can't stand the feeling I get when the skin on my body feels dried out, so for maintaining soft and moisturised skin on the body, I recommend to moisturise every morning and every night. I think that by moisturising everyday, the skin also keeps a younger looking appearance. We all know that by moisturising our face we will maintain a longer lasting youthful appearance, but I think that we sometimes forget to transfer this notion to the rest of our body. I prefer to use natural and organic products. I normally buy Natures Organics, which is an Australian product, however I received some Haven products as a gift from a friend recently, which are also Australian naturally derived products. I think that both are really great products.


Claudia said...

great post and blog :)

What Sadie Did said...

Good tips - I've noticed that my skin has been really odd lately with small blemishes and dry patches so maybe I should check out Decleor...is it good for sensitive skin? (I've never had a problem with anything until the last 6 months when I seem to have become allergic to certain products which is VERY annoying!) :)

Sadie x

Miss Bias said...

Hi Sadie

I have sensitive skin and Decleor is great for me. Yes, it is annoying being allergic to products. I know how you feel. However, I would recommend trying to identify what it is that you are allergic to so that you can ensure that the products that you use don't contain ingredients that will cause you to have an allergic reaction, particularly if you've only just started having the allergies.

Miss Bias = )

What Sadie Did said...

Thanks! :)

Sadie x

THE CHEAP said...

Your blog is beautiful. And so are you!


the nyanzi report said...

Lucky you. You've been blessed with good skin.
Great recommendations here.