Miss Bias

08 April 2011

Randomly B&W

I was randomly looking through previous photos that I had for either personal or blogging purposes and hand picked a selection and made them black and white. Nothing fancy, I just simply removed the colour. The photos were taken either at events, night clubs, at day trip locations or were photos taken for outfit posts. If you aren't familar with the previous outfits posts, you can find them herehere and here. These photos in colour, I had previously deemed "not worthy" for the blog, but with a little less colour, they seem to look a little different and a little more worthy.


Théa Unknown said...

You're look so great :)

Théa Unknown

Baby Budget Blog said...

There's just something so special about black and white photos! You look fab.!


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Mom Fashion World said...

I love B&W... there's something I like with it.

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Chic Display said...

really cool look! you look great!


Kristen said...

always love a black & white photo, and you look so cute in all of them : )

Phuong said...

lovely summer pictures and outfits
Travel In Style

Paul said...

You look lovely! Love your outfits! :)


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love these photos Miss Bias! You look great! Really love the second photo! Very different look for you!