Miss Bias

03 April 2011

What a thrift!

I had a great weekend of thrifting - both buying and selling. I held my first stall at The Camberwell Market today. It was a good experience and I made a nice little profit. However, I am super tied after it all. I was a little disorganised leading up to the markets. I ended up spending Friday night and most of Saturday getting my clothes washed and ironed and sorting through my shoes and accessories working out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to sell. I was running around on Saturday, ducking in and out of thrift stores trying to find things such as jewellery cases and other items to help display what I was going to sell.

Daylight Savings (where certain states in Australia move their clocks forward during Summer months to achieve more sunlight) ended also and I forgot to set my clock back an hour. So, instead of getting up at 5.30am, it was in fact 4.30am and I had only gone to sleep around 2am. So YES, it was very difficult getting out of bed.

But what I found the most challenging about the markets was, when I was setting up in the dark at 6am, there were people at my stall with little torches going through my stuff before I had even got it out trying to get in early and grab all the best items. Being a first timer, I will admit I was a little frazzled with the flashes of lights in my eyes and the scurry of people flooding around me with "How much is this? Do you have this...? I'll take this." before I'd even had a chance to really acknowledge what was going on. However, I did manage to sell a number of things before the markets had officially opened. So that was good. But, it is all a learning curve if you haven't held a stall before. So next time (if I do attempt to have a stall again), I will be much more prepared and will know what to expect so I'll have better selling and bargaining skills.

In my travells in and out of op shops on Saturday, I did manage to pick up four great skirts. This is one of them. I love colour and it's coming into winter here, so this skirt was a great colour, great length, in great condition and at a great price. I couldn't resist.


Rachel said...

I love the skirt, it looks great on you! x

The Elegant Bohemian said...

What a great look! It's so elegant!! That ring and your red nail polish....FABULOUS! ~Serene

l i s a z h a n g said...

red is such a bold colour and i love all ur accessories!



What Sadie Did said...

Gorgeous find and a great colour :)
Love the accessories too!

I did a couple of markets before moving from Wales to NZ (to get rid of excess 'stuff') and totally know what you're on about when people are poking through your stuff as you're setting up! I found it really intimidating! My friend and I actually refused to open the car and start unpacking until people moved away.

Haven't found any in NZ yet though and I miss having a nose around them! :)



Baby Budget Blog said...

Great button down skirt and love the jewelry!


Monique Zuman said...

That red skirt suits you soo well!! I wish I could find a nice one like that!!

Monique xx


ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing find and great color!!!
Love the bracelet and the earrings!!!

collagevintage said...

Wow love your skirt and your hair style. You look fab girl!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

You are gorgeous and I love that skirt! Also adoring your earrings, so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

This is definately a very different look for you Miss Bias, however you pull it off very well. I agree, I really love your hair this way and love the black bracelet! Where did you get it from?

laura said...

amazing mix, the necklace, nailpolish and earring.


Mom Fashion World said...

You're stylish, Dear!

Btw, I stumbled across your blog.. nice blog you have filled with beautiful pictures... and your beautiful!

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already. I'm your #110th follower. Followed me back?
I will be happy if you do the same to me, too!


Runway Rundown said...

Love this red skirt!
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I am Folklore said...

I love the colors, why not? I should definitly start working on some bright notes for my slightly dull wardrobe, well..black, is that really a color:-) Would love to swap links or bloglovin, let me know by putting a little note in my latest post and I'll add you a.s.a.p..xx V (in New Zealand)

Miss Bias said...

Thanks for your lovely comments guys. My earrings and bracelet are from Diva (www.diva.net.au) and my necklace is also a thrift piece. But it will be the last time it will be featured on the blog as I sold it at the markets on the weekend.

Miss Bias = )

Kendr▲ said...

It's been so long since I have commented on a blog and I have to say I'm glad it's yours!
This post made me smile, keep up the great work


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Camilla. said...

I love that skirt

x Camilla


Edgy said...

The accessories are great :) Love your style. You have a really cute blog, maybe you want to follow ach other?


Ms.Fashionista said...

Love your red ring!

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Chic Display said...

i love that skirt!

great blog - i'm following! please follow me too if you'd like


Collections said...

LOVE that red skirt!!

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