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12 May 2011

All I want for Winter....

We are having a cold snap here in Melbourne at the moment. Although, winter is in fact around the corner, however this week, you could believe that winter was here and in full force. I've been on the look out every week for some new shoes and boots to keep my toes warm and to prevent my poor toes from going numb each time I step out of the house. Unfortunately, I've also recently endured some lower back problems so I've had to change my thought patterns when it comes to working out what types of shoes I'd like to buy. When I once would opt only to look at heels, I now have to think about alternative wedges or flat shoes. Thank goodness I do love wedges but I am finding it very difficult to find any flat shoes appealing. My love for wearing heels is purely because they make me feel taller, I think they help with my posture when I walk and in turn boost my confidence. So instead of completely ruling out heels altogether, I am going to opt to look for chunky (or wedge) heels that I think will be more supportive for my lower back than thin or stiletto heels. However, I think I will also need to find some flat shoes as a back up.

Here are this week's shoe inspirations.

Raphael Young

Images sourced from Style.com


Andrea said...

i love the miu miu :)

Anonymous said...

Inspiring shoe designs, however I don't know how you would be able to walk in those shoes.

Shasie said...

oooh are you in Australia? Where's melbourne? I love your shoe picks! You should check out my summer shoe picks on my handwriting tag entry.

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