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14 May 2011

Floral and Shiny

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week. I think that there could have been many frustrated bloggers out there with Blogger going down temporarily. I panicked, stressed out and got frustrated for about 30 minutes and then thought, "What will be, will be. It's out of my control, so I'll focus on something else in the meantime."

I bought this maxi dress along with another identical white maxi a few months ago at the local markets. I wore the white maxi a number of times during summer and have actually never worn this green one. So I thought it was time to bring it out of the closet and let it twinkle underneath the shine of my Lilyhart blazer. Although it is quite cold here in Melbourne, I try not to conform to the societal mass that wears black, navy and charcoal during the colder months. I will be trying my very best to still wear colourful ensembles throughout the bleak and cold autumn and winter temperatures. 


Blazer - Lilyhart
Maxi - Markets
Boots - The Salvos Store
Silver Accessories - Lovisa & Equip 
Beaded cuff - op shop


Juliana Zimmermann said...

Loved the dress!


Mila said...

Oh you look great love the blazer!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

SO LOVELY! Love how you're transitioning into cooler weather! ~Serene

BenchesandChandeliers said...

beautiful-- love the mix of florals, sparkle and nude!


Mary Lee said...

beautiful, i really like the dress and ring!

hope you'll visit back

Ali said...

I agree so much with wearing colours in winter. I am trying to do the same!

cryskay said...

super cute maxi dress! your necklace is gorgeous! xx

Zarna said...

what an awesome blazer! you look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!

(Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle) said...

Lovely dress I love the print.


Eva Ana Kazić said...

You know that song..shine on me.. it's totally stuck in my head now :D


vintage process said...

I love your look!

Alicia said...

Love this maxi dress!!You look stunning! Great look :)


muchlove said...

That's a gorgeous outfit! :)

Shasie said...

I think every blogger in the world was freakin out! I know I was! Love this maxi dress on you! Chic!

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