Miss Bias

02 May 2011

To Markets, To Markets....

Yesterday, I headed to my local Sunday Markets just to have a look around and to see if anything would catch my eye. One of my readers recently asked me to show on the blog, the items that I would purchase from the profits of my own market stall that I had a few weeks ago. I picked up the below 5 pieces for a mere cost of $26. I was really happy with these purchases mainly because I'm in love with bold colours at the moment. I did put my market haggling skills to use with the 3 items of clothing, as I bought them all from the one stall so I was able to get a discount for buying the 3 pieces at once. All of the clothing is vintage. The two bangles, I saw them and said to myself "I just have to have those." It's the first time that I have ever owned an oversized sweater. So I'm a little worried that I won't wear or style it appropriately, but I'll have fun trying.


Shasie said...

Great finds! Love the bracelets!

Live Life in Style

What Sadie Did said...

Fab - love the blue dress, it's so cute. Well done with haggling too, I hate doing that!

Look forward to seeing these in outfit pics!

Sadie xx

annalisa said...

u look cute!thanks for your sweet comment xx