Miss Bias

29 June 2011

No Signal


Well, I am thoroughly enjoying my holidays in Western Australia at the moment. I'd love to be showing you all my great photos from the trip so far, however, the service for internet is pretty much non existent. I've tried everyday to connect but to no avail. This morning I actually was able to connect with extremely slow service, however, my photos would not load. I am going to try another internet cafe this evening or tomorrow and hopefully they may have better reception.

I'm actually vacationing along the seaside coastal towns of southern Western Australia and the scenery is just beautiful, the air is clean and refreshing and I feel highly relaxed. Although, I feel somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world with no internet access, it's probably a blessing in disguise, because I needed break from my usual daily schedule and I'm certainly doing that.

I'm off to a winery, cheese and chocolate tour today, and the weather is gorgeous, so it should be a fantastic day.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their week and I hope to be back up and blogging in full mode very soon. I do apologise in advance for the lack of posts this week, but next week I'll have two weeks worth of photos, so be sure to stay tuned....

Miss Bias


Fashion Addict said...

Oh I've had a time when I didn't have good internet connection and I really felt disconnected! But hopefully you'll be able to come back soon, however, I'm sure you are enjoying the view in Australia!

Zarna said...

sounds like a perfect day! have fun!

kcomekarolina said...

have a lovely weekend!

xoxo from rome