Miss Bias

30 July 2011

Old Wardrobe Favourite

I've been a bit quite this week in the blogosphere and online frontage. I lost a little inspiration from the lack of having a camera and also I found myself becoming somewhat stressed out and run down. So I thought a little break was needed.

However, today I attended the very first Nuffnang Blogopolis Conference, where blogging minds came together to share their blogging experiences and pick up some great tips. It was an awesome event and I was very thankful for being able to attend.

One of the tips recommended at the conference was to go through your old photos and blog posts to find inspiration. So, I decided to do just that. I was looking through some old photos and found this dress, which was one of my favourite wardrobe pieces. It was so easy to wear and I thought it had a little edge to it. I wore it so often, that when I went home to my parents house at Christmas, I decided to leave it behind because I didn't want it to be in my closet anymore. I thought this way I would choose and wear other wardrobe pieces that normally got neglected. I featured it on the blog about a year ago here.  But I will admit, I miss it terribly.

I'd love to hear and see what wardrobe favourites you once had that you wished you never got rid of....


Michelle's Style File said...

That conference agenda looked awesome! Lovely top.


Chanelle said...

I once had the chance to buy purple Docs in my size for $7 at my local Salvo's and walked away - biggest regret ever. (I know, I know, not really getting rid of them per se, but it just reminded me of that.)


lovely dress! i regret not buying a lace dress, but not really anything i have gotten rid of :))) thanks for the lovely comment!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

Sorry we didn't get to meet at Blogopolis - I think you were actually on the table right behind me. I thought you looked familiar but couldn't place you. Silly me for not coming up to you and introducing myself!

Elisabeth said...

i love ur dress (:



Sada said...

The dress is great. At least you can reclaim it next time you visit your parents? I have many, many wardrobe regrets. I'm TOO quick to toss things. I had a vintage 2-pc black silk suit from the 1940s era and wore it to death. One day I decided I'd worn it enough and gave it away.....aaarrrrrggggghhhhh. It still hurts! Lovely blog!
Dressology HQ

Miss Bias said...

Michelle - it was a great conference. So many wonderful bloggers to share their great blogs and experiences.

Chanelle - I love the purple docs. I used them in my styling for my very first design at uni - punk rock chick. I too wished I had bought them, but they weren't at $7. That was definitely a regretful decision. Hopefully you may stumble across another pair in the future.

Humanityisbeautiful - I love lace. But luckily you can find gorgeous lace dresses everywhere these days.

Julia - no worries. Next time : )

Elisabeth - thank you!

Sada - that's true. I'll be visiting them in summer. A 1940s silk suit. Sounds gorgeous. Although it does sound like a keeper, the person you gave it away to, is probably enjoying it as much as you did.