Miss Bias

28 August 2011

Female Fashion Bloggers Day

I had an enjoyable Saturday afternoon meeting up with other Melburnian female fashion bloggers at the Networking Day for fashion and creative Lady Bloggers. It was an intimate get together at the Queen Street Rescue Cafe and it was hosted by the lovely Lady Melbourne

I hope that this event will become a regular occurrence in the female fashion blogging world because as much as it is great to connect with other bloggers online, it is as equally as important to connect with them in person.

Unfortunately, I only managed to capture these two photos. I missed a couple of very important photos of Lady Melbourne and Miss Ivory. So make sure you drop by their blogs to check them out.

Other attendees were JoJoStyling, Busichic, CarlyFindlay, AyrLoxide, Esmeandthelaneway and a special guest appearance by The Style Tyrant (aka Imelda).


Bravoe Runway said...

I am looking forward to attending more blogger events! They're somewhat hard to come by in Chicago for some reason...looks like a fun time :)

Jo said...

Thank you fo posting these photos Miss Bias. It was a great afternoon and I am sure the start of many more to come.

Ling said...

Oh man...wish I could have gone!!!

Zarna said...

looks like so much fun!

Mary said...

Hello, I like your post the blogger events is fantastic.