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18 August 2011

Whitehouse Institute of Design Melbourne Open Day 2011

As previously mentioned last week, I attended the Whitehouse Institute of Design's Melbourne Open Day and wanted to share some of the photos that I took showcasing some of the talented up and coming student designers. The Whitehouse offers a Bachelor of Design with specialisations in Fashion Design, Creative Direction & Styling and Interior Design. I really enjoy witnessing the creative talents of the fresh ideas that come from student and emerging designers. I think that university is a great platform for creative individuals as they can design without the pressures of commercial viability and really express themselves as designers.


Jo said...

great blog!
this post is both well-written and well-documented through pictures!

new follower, definitely.

jo @ slowcatharsis.blogspot.com

My Little Frame said...

God!!! thanks for sharing all this pictures! Whitehouse looks as a fantastic platform for future designers, so so creative!!! ohhh hope to make one day one of my dreams true, be fashion designer in Australia....

Seriously thanks a lot for share this pics!!!

Lots of love from Spain!


Damar Rivillo said...

what a great design in this fashion show...

Aldina said...

Super show! I love the first few styles, the color combinations are just great.

Very nice blog ;)
Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

MartilaMi said...

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Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
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Kimberly said...

Amazing post! =D Those sketches are SO beautiful!

I really love your blog and for that reason, I chose you as one of my blogger awardees =D YAY!

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Ángeles said...

Gracias por tu comentario.
Bonito post!Las ilustraciones son preciosas.
Te sigo!


margaret cruzemark said...

What a fantastic blog!
Thanks so much for visiting and for your fab comment!!!
Kisses and hugs
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

The Wardrobe Stylist said...

There are some great outfits! I am one of your new followers, hope to see you come by the-wardrobe-stylist.blogspot.com :)

Bravoe Runway said...

These designs are GORGEOUS! And Finally...a designer having his model walk down the runway in a sheer top with a bra! I get so irritated when I see that on the runway...sheer w/out a bra, that is not realistic!!! These are all fantastic designs!

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