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17 September 2011

How to wear Stripes on Stripes

I am always instantly drawn to fashion items that have stripes. It's an immediate attention grabber for me. There can be loads of beautiful items on a clothes rack, but if there is just one striped piece, then I am bound to look at that piece first over all others. Although, stripes can be a super striking statement piece, it is difficult for one to master the stripe on stripe style. So I wanted to give a few tips on how I think one can pull off this styling without getting it completely wrong.

Soft and Bold Stripes - mix a bold hard edge stripe with a softer toned stripe in a similar colour or complementary colour. The softer stripe should be subtle so that the bold stripe can still accentuate as a feature yet provide an interesting and stylish look. 

Colour tones - stripes on stripes does work extremely well if the colour palette of all the items is of the same hues of colour. Combining an assortment of stripe widths in a layering effect of the same colour can really add punch to monochromatic look.

Horizontal and Vertical - stripes running in opposite directions can be tricky, but if the proportions are right, then the horizontal vs vertical stripe ensemble can look amazing.

Random -  the mixture of random stripes in a variety of colours, proportions and widths works best if one piece is much less casual than the other piece. If a striped skirt or trouser is a little dressy, pair it with a casual striped tee or tank for the look to work well. This can be done in the reversal also. 

Photo sources - Pinterest.com


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Cylia said...

and still I dont own a stripy tshirt.. maybe one.. but not a sweater or something:)!

Zarna said...

LOVING stripes on stripes!

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Great post ... The tips are very helpful! : )

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Ooh the last pic is a great inspiration for Spring stripes!


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AMAZING POST, love the firt and the third photos especially but the last one is cool too


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Catherine @ The Spring said...

Very cool mixes! I'm loving stripes for summer too!
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Marie said...

This is a fantastic post on stripes on stripes - such an inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Love love love the outfits. I wish I could pull these looks off. Garments are gorgeous!