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27 September 2011

Man of Style - Kellan Lutz

I've decided to start up a Man of Style series on the blog. I equally love menswear and men's style as much as womenswear, so I thought that this would be a good way to share with you my loves of menswear fashion as well as bringing some interesting items of men's style to both my male and female readers. I'm going to aim to do at least one Man of Style post every month but if I can do more I will. 

So to kick off the series, I've started with sharing some style inspiration of someone I see as one of Hollywood's up and coming men of style - Kellan Lutz.

Sure he's creating all the right waves as a friendly vampire in the Twilight series, has one amazing smile and an incredible physique. But I think what's best about this man is his style. Mr Lutz always looks effortless in whatever he wears. Now the real point I want to make with Mr Lutz and his sense of style is that "he owns it." Guys, you don't need to have a celebrity status, lots of money, killer looks or an awesome physique to have good style. You just need to follow some simple Kellan Lutz rules: 

1. Mr Monochromatic - keep it simple, low key and carry confidence.

2. Mr Suave - Suits with interesting yet subtle details, which are crisply pressed and coordinated will get you all the attention you need.

3. Mr Cool - casual dressed up a little with a some clever layering will take you from ordinary to interesting.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio, Famewatcher & NextNewFashion


Magda said...

lovely blog¡¡¡ great post¡¡¡

kisses from Mexico :D

Don't Think Twice said...

uuuu so handsomeT.T

thank u so much for the comment babee!!
follow each other?:)


xoxo dear! ^^

Shasie said...

Kellan Lutz is so hot!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

Mary said...

Great post.

Linda Tran said...

What a great idea! Men's fashion is just as amazing and if it comes in sexy, chiselled and mouth watering packages, why not?!


Zarna said...

....and mr. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love Mens Fashion, however it does help when they are very good looking as well.