Miss Bias

21 September 2011


In my previous Wonderful Wedding post, I mentioned that I was in the Hunter Valley, a lovely wine region in New South Wales. The weather was so lovely, which was a pleasurable break from the bleak cold that I was experiencing in Melbourne that same week. Here is a quick outfit post, where I was making the most of lapping up the gorgeous sunrays and warmth whilst enjoying the fantastic countryside around me. I'm currently in Hobart, Tasmania enjoying a week's holiday. I hope that everyone is having a fabulous week. I'm looking forward to posting some great photos of some of the places I will be visiting this week, so stay tuned.....


JoJo Styling said...

You are looking relaxed and gorgeous. I love the black and white top. Where did you get it? and can I copy it (which is the highest form of flattery). Have fun in Tassie. Jo xxx

Lydz xX said...

love your dress, very beautiful. oooh holiday sounds great, cant wait to travel australia


Mary said...

Hello pretty.
I love your look and your dress is so cute.

Ragazza said...

Hey, I really enjoyed reading ur blog and ur photos r great.
What do u think about following each other :)?
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Nina said...

gorgeous shoes honey, enjoy your holiday!!


MT said...

I really enjoyed readiny ur blog. Its very interesting and ur photos r great :).
Following each other :)?
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I V Y said...

gorgeous achromatic dress! you look lovely.

xo zebra and meerkat

Polly said...

Thanks for the comment, dear! You look fantastic and those heels are to die for :)))



Brooke said...

Really like your heels... I've been fairly dedicated to wedges for a while now but my mind is starting to notice these kind of heels more and more... hmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit Miss Bias. Would love to see some nice black points/black boots with that dress as well!