Miss Bias

11 October 2011

Printed Palazzo

Recently, I was reading the Palazzo, Skinny or Print blog post by fellow fashion blogger Jo of JojoStyling.com and the post inspired me to go out and get my first pair of palazzo pants and printed ones at that. I don't wear a lot of pants because I can rarely find a pair that suits my body shape as I'm not quite in proportion in the waist to hip ratio. But when I saw these palazzo pants and tried them on, I was really excited because they felt so great on and were a really good fit. I'm loving their wide leg. Thanks Jo!


Jo said...

You look spectacular! The pants are feminine but not overly girly, and the fact that they're a floral piece of clothing, but pants gives them an edge.

jo from slowcatharsis.blogspot.com

Mery said...

Hello, I love your look is so cute.

Don't Think Twice said...

oh my god those pants are really stunning!!!!!

Rachel, xx :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! You look amazing Miss Bias! I really love this style! Pants are awesome. Do they have stores in QLD?

Miss Bias said...

Hi guys

Thanks for the lovely comments.

Sorry, I didn't mention where I got the pants from. They are from Glassons. So yes, they should be available in QLD.

The wide leg palazzo pants are also available online at http://www.glassons.com, however, the print is slightly different.

Hope you are all having a great week.

Miss Bias : )

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Bias! That sounds about right! I used to buy long pants from Glassons when I lived in Sydney. Awesome shop! I will have to look around Brisbane!