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08 October 2011

Tuxedo Style

My end of year uni assessments are based around the concept Tuxedo Divinity. Tuxedo's and their inspiration will be taking a strong hold on most of my creative thoughts in the next couple of months as I work out my final original designs. I thought I would dedicate a post to showing how to bring a little tuxedo style to an outfit without wearing a full traditional tuxedo.

1. Semi formal - wearing a tuxedo inspired suit with a semi formal shirt and simple shoes will bring about a sophisticated and chic look without looking over the top or overdressed.

Photo source: shopemersonmade.com

2. Dress it - bring some tuxedo style to your wardrobe with a tuxedo inspired dress. Dresses with collars, pleats, bibs, tail inspired hems etc will add great  variety to your closet.

Photo source: trendista.com

3. Go short - a great way to bring the tuxedo look into your spring/summer wardrobe is to wear the tuxedo short suit. This look will still bring all the appeal of a full tuxedo suit but will be much more comfortable to wear during summer.

Photo source: wwd.com

4. Casual - you can still look cool and sophisticated with a casual tuxedo inspired look. A quality white shirt with tuxedo detailing paired with casual bottoms will still bring the desired effect to your outfit.

Photo source: jcrew.com

5. Fashion Forward - be fashion forward and get the tuxedo inspiration directly from the runway. Get an interesting tuxedo look with mixing and matching traditional pieces with interesting pieces.

Photo source: style.com

6. Details - add a little personality to your tuxedo style with detailed nails and accessories that give you that extra edge. 


CILLA B said...

lovin the tuxedo look with those tartan pants

Jo said...

ahh, I love how well-documented your posts are! It shows that you're a fashion student, and a good one at that.

jo from slowcatharsis.blogspot.com

kcomekarolina said...

loooove the first look!

xoxo from rome

Mery said...

Hello, I like your post and these looks so cute.

Polly said...

Love this tuxedo style, dear! It's so inspiring! Love it! Thanks for posting!



Deppa said...

I love tuxedos with everything! but OMG those nails are fantastic! I will definitely try that design :)

See you!

Cinderella Alert said...

Awesome post, you are so pretty :)
So in love with your nails !

thanks for commenting
how about following each other?

Marie said...

Great inspiration! I love the short look and I think one day, before it's too late, I'd love to try the blazer with no shirt look! :)

Dirty Pink Cardigan


Anonymous said...

Love the post! Great amazing outfits and garments! Love your site!