Miss Bias

22 November 2011

Illustration Inspiration

I've got one more assessment due in the final week of uni this week. It includes a couple of avant-garde designs in which I need to illustrate. I'm not the best illustrator so I needed a little inspiration. As many of you are aware I am a great lover of fashion illustration and often post on my current favourite illustrators. This post is a mix of fabulous talent with every illustration as beautiful as the next. 

Happy mid week to you all.

 Bernard Blossac - chicfaced.com

 Cecilia Carlstedt - vondronen.blogspot.com

 David Downton - misssundress.blogspot.com


Leanne said...

I love them! They all have a style of their own. Have fun completing the assignment.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree! They are beautiful and I love them. I wish I had such talent!

Mery said...

Hello, beautiful illustration..

Pippa said...

Oh that first one is perfection! Are you going to post your final product? I'd love to see!