Miss Bias

25 December 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I have worked really hard this year, always been nice to all those that I have encountered and been thankful and appreciative of all that I have. I'm not one to ask for gifts, but for tomorrow's special day, I would love to receive the following gifts for Christmas. 

Thank you in advance
Miss Bias : )

                   1.  Jeffrey Campbell Smith Platform Wedges
                   2.  Carly Hunter top
                   3.  Agent Ninetynine cuff
                   4.  La Madre Print
                   5.  Heidicreations Torquoise Blue Rose Purse
                   6.  Marrakech 3 Tealights in Red
                   7.  Viparo Black Pleated A-line Skirt


Mery said...

Helle, Fantasti selecction..
Merry xmas...

Anonymous said...

Love them all, except I think that I would fall over in those shoes!!!!