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07 December 2011

Whitehouse Melbourne Graduate Fashion Parade 2011

Well it was another fabulous end to a another year of graduating Whitehouse fashion students. This year was a little more dear to me because there were many friends of mine showcasing their graduate signature collections. They all produced amazingly creative capsule collections and I found myself feeling extremely proud of their achievements and a little sad that I won't be seeing them around the Whitehouse corridors next year.

Two of my favourite people of the graduating class walked away with the honour of "Designer of the Year" and so very well deserved. All those who graduated are incredibly talented but these two up and coming designers are truly gifted. So congratulations again to Alexandra Apostolidis and Adrian Bressanutti for reaching a wonderfully amazing achievement. I wish them both and all the graduating students the upmost success in the future.

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Mery said...

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Fantastic colecction...
Is so cute video..