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03 February 2012

February's Man of Style

It's been a couple of months since I posted "Man of Style." I thought what better way to start the month of February but with a little fashion style eye candy.

Bradley Cooper is known for his good looks and hot body in Hollywood, but he also helps these features by dressing them up with a great sense of style.

The Quirky Formal Look - funk up a standard navy blue suit by mixing in a knitted vest, scarf and tinted glasses.

Source: Boy the Sea

The Cool Formal Look - still look smart and sophisticated with a comfortable coolness by wearing an off-centre black and white suit that gives an edge.

The Long Look - rock out a classic suit in winter with personal style by adding a long jacket to the ensemble. 

Source: Google images

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Who does not like Bradley Cooper! Hot Hot and Hot! By the looks of things he also knows how to dress!