Miss Bias

09 February 2012

Italian Vogue Makeup Session

Well what else to do on a Tuesday night but to help out my fabulous friend Kerry-Ann with her Italian Vogue Makeup trial session. Pulling out my inner model, I excitedly sat in awe as Kerry-Ann worked her talented magic on my facial features with her creativity. 

Kerry-Ann was the wonderful makeup artist that did my fashion panel makeup here. She did an amazing job and I will forever be thankful for her efforts.

I arrived at the Cameron Jane Make Up Design Academy in Richmond and was greeted by Kerry-Ann and her colleagues as well as the incredible Martin Bray, who was conducting the session. It was very professional environment and as I watched Kerry-Ann and her class mates, I was amazed at their talents with a makeup brush. The process is really like painting a piece of art and the artist's tools do play a very important part in the process.

Tools of the makeup trade.

Kerry-Ann working her magic on me. 

I took these photos at the Academy.

Here are some works by others in the session. Very cool!

Then I got home and took these photos in a different light. Amazing how lighting can give a completely different feel to the look.

Well done Kerry-Ann. Beautiful work!
I'm looking forward to the launch of Kerry-Ann's Freelance Makeup Business
f a c e design.k


Beatrice Balaj said...

I love the makeup!! Very very talented! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! You look so different! Beautiful as always!