Miss Bias

26 February 2012

Market activity

It was a super hot weekend here in Melbourne. A little unusual in fact. But I loved it all the same. It was quite humid, which reminded me so much of North Queensland, where I am originally from, so it was nice to have such a familiar feeling. I also adore the sun. I always feel so much more vibrant and happy when the sun is about.

I had such a huge week last week heading back to uni to do two intense subjects over 4 days plus work full time hours and I managed to squeeze in 4 sessions at the gym. So come this weekend it was all about rest and relaxation. I hadn't been to the Camberwell Sunday Markets in so long, so with the sun shining in full force, I thought today was the perfect day to visit the markets. There is always so many great treasures stumbled across when visiting markets. In the end I only walked away with two clothing items, but thoroughly enjoyed looking around at all the wonderful things on sale.

I hope that you all had fantastic weekends. 


El blog mery of the style said...

Hello, So cute...

Anonymous said...

Great markets!!!