Miss Bias

29 March 2012

Autumn Knit

We are currently transitioning into the Autumn months here in Melbourne. Some days it's not colder enough to wear a jacket but a little too cool not to wear something with a little warmth. I recently purchased this knitted cape from my local thrift store. It's just the perfect item for these Autumn months. When the wind is blowing a little harder than I'd like, I add my Grandma's knitted scarf to the cape to block out the chill factor. Definitely one of my main go to items at the moment. Do you have a current go to item?


Anonymous said...

OMG! When did Grandma make you that poncho? I am going to hit her up for one! She is so fashionable for her age! Looks great on you sis!

Anonymous said...

I am really loving your hair with the curl!