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08 March 2012

Bold and Bright - Hair Colour Trends 2012

I don't tend to focus a lot on beauty, including hair and makeup, only because I live an extremely full schedule week to week and have to find the most simplistic and minimalist ways to style and look after my hair and skin. However, I do still love to follow what the latest trends are. I always hope that the moment when I find myself with more than 10 minutes to get ready, on holidays, or just decide to take a time out, I'd like to think that I'd give my hair and skin that little bit of extra attention and just maybe think that a change could be for the better.

Being in a creative environment at university surrounded by vibrant, fashionable and very trendy, young people, I have noticed a couple of hair trends that have been rocked out by many and colour is at the centre of most of them. The most noticeable trends followed are:

Go Bold, Go Red - the amazing colour of red that found it's following in 2011 has again in 2012. The colour works best when it's in its most vibrant hue. At a recent blogger's event, I caught up with the fabulous Marianne of Esme and the Laneway and she had just made the change to red and is absolutely loving it. 

Ombre it up - add new interest to your hair by going ombre in colour and there is no limit to what colour you choose. My girlfriend, who works in a corporate environment, really wanted to add some interest to her hair with the Ombre trend. She has medium brown hair and used blonde highlights to achieve an Ombre look that was still appropriate for the office. But if you are not office bond then how bright you go is up to you.

I've go the Hues - adding to the popular Ombre colour trend, use multiple hues of the one colour to achieve an amazingly unique colour style.

Give me multicolour - if you want a really cool conversational topic and have no limitations, go multicoloured. If done right with the correct combination of colours and hues, this style can look incredible.

It's not so nanna grey - going grey couldn't be any cooler. I've seen so many young men and women who have totally pulled this colour off. If you have naturally darker hair, then the blueish grey colour seems to work the best, and if you are naturally blonde, adding platinum blonde highlights would work a treat.

Pastel Pink - Following 2012 fashion's colour trends, pastel pink is also one of the hottest hair trends in 2012. Other pastel colours such as lilac and teal are also offering a fresh new look but pink is definitely the lead runner. Make a subtle or bold statement with this look.

Photo sources: Pinterest

I'd love to hear or see some of your recent or memorable hair colour moments.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Awesome topic to discuss. Really love the last hair style, however it's out of my league as I have really curly hair. JIt's a great cut and colour! Would love to try the bright red colour, however don't think it would be approprite for the office!

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