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28 March 2012

March Man of Style - Ryan Gosling

So, I think that I somehow missed posting my monthly segment "Man of Style" in February. For a girl who doesn't mind when "research" involves a little eye candy, I'm not sure how this happened. But it didn't take long to realise that I was well overdue to do some more "research" on the subject of menswear styling.

Following trend with Hollywood (and I'm totally agreeing with their good eye for trends), I turned to the latest 'man of the moment' (Mr Ryan Gosling) to showcase how to pull off a quirky and individual sense of men's style.

The coloured suit - you want to stand out from the sea of black, charcoal and navy suits when going to work or to an event, then add some colour to your suit or tux. You don't have to go to crazy in colour, but a subdued shade of most colours complimented with the correct accessories (styling) can give you the difference your looking for to be noticed.

Super Sharp - being "sharp" doesn't always have to involve being dressed in a suit or having everything exactly in place. The below look is tailored and sophisticated with a casual edge brought about by leaving the top buttons undone, sleeves rolled up and matched with slick hair, shoes, belt and sunglasses.

Nerdy chic - casual mixed with tailored and finished off with a pair of quirky glasses can allude a sense of intelligence and intrigue alluring a fascinating sense of style.

Yacht Club - if you want to imply a relaxed and calm sense of cool, then dress like you are going to the Yacht Club to enjoy an afternoon filled with caviar, scotch and sailing. Simple two toned ensemble that pays attention to the details of the old school men's club fashion.

Cool and Rockin' - get the expensively cool with a touch of rock n roll look by mixing tailored trousers with a simple tee and leather jacket plus dog tags around the neckline = Smooth.

The Simple Sweater - you can still look stylish with the most minimal items. It's all about the fit. This outfit looks fantastic because it's simple, it fits well and the tones of black, grey and white are all in the right proportions.

Photos sourced from httpmarshallmatlock.com, httpmonsieurgotstyle.blogspot.com.au, 
httpwww.hellomagazine.com, httpwww.labelleetleblog.com


Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

God he's good isn't he.
Ryan always dresses on point!
Although I have to say I'm not a fan of the pseudo nerd glasses - I think it's because hipsters jumped on the trend!
Love the blog Miss Bias
Fashion Well Done

AJ TAYLOR said...

Mhm, he is soo yummy. And such great style too.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Ryan Gosling has great style! Why can't all men dress like this!
He is a very good looking man with great style! I am so jealous of Eva lol!

Sam said...

Looks like a lot of Warby Parker eyeglasses.