Miss Bias

25 April 2012

ANZAC Day Comfort

It's a public holiday here in Australia. It's a day we call ANZAC Day, where we as a nation take the time out to remember those soldiers who fought for our country in the First World War.

So with the day off from work, I lounged around the house, well I in fact slept for most of the day (but did manage to watch the ANZAC Day ceremonies on t.v.) before getting up and making an effort to go outside for some fresh air. And fresh it is. This week the chill factor here in Melbourne has stepped up a notch.

I generally am a fuss free sort of woman and casual and comfy is always the fundamental style I instinctively turn to, particularly on a lazy day at home. This outfit I put together literally in one minute and immediately felt at ease.

Finally, I showcase one of the many scarves my Grandma has knitted for me. 

I hope that everyone wherever you are in the world is having a fantastic day.



you look so pretty
kisses from Prague

El blog mery of the style said...

Lovaly look, es very casual...

Tricia said...

you're so gorgeous.