Miss Bias

07 April 2012

Lovisa Large

I haven't showcased these two fabulous jewellery pieces on the blog as yet because I haven't got around to wearing them. What's that you say "How is that possible?!" My thoughts exactly. I too, am not sure how this has happened?

I actually bought them back in January and it's now April. I'm planning on doing a couple of outfit posts over the Easter weekend, so I will ensure at least one outfit is styled around these two pieces. They are definitely two of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe but the necklace is for sure a statement piece that needs it's own attention. I hope I can do it justice.

Both pieces are from Lovisa.

Happy Saturday!


Ivory said...

That necklace is stunning! Would look amazing with that tan of yours ;)

Happy Easter! Ivory xx

Mica said...

Lovely pieces! I adore the blue :)

Have a very happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Love the necklace! Amazing colour!