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22 April 2012

Oversized Knitwear

Ok, so my new obsession at the moment is the oversized knit. I've never been one to wear a lot of knitwear. The only knit I ever owned and occasionally wear is this one posted here. But, I recently thrifted an almost brand new oversized knitted sleeveless cardigan and just this week, I bought an oversized knit top (which will be posted on the blog soon). 

I actually can't knit for trying. I've never learnt how to. But my Grandma does. She just sent me some new knitted scarves in the post, so today I bought some lovely knitwear patterns I'm hoping that she can make up for me. 

It then got me thinking on how to wear the oversized knitwear and this is what I came up with.

Backwards - (although the below image is actually worn the right way), you could easily turn most knitted cardigans back to front to create an alternative way of wearing your knit. 

Layered - an oversized knit on top of several tops/dresses and again over pants/jeans/skirts will not only keep you warm during the winter months but will add nice details to your outfit.

Colour - Mix up the colours of the yarn to get a beautiful array of hues that can then be paired with many other garments long or short.

Long and simple - Sometimes keeping it simple can be just as effective. Knits with a larger weave worn over another garment can allow for a lovely fusion of colour and texture.

Braided - Beautiful braiding detail will make any mundane knit look dynamic. 

Accessorize - oversized knits don't just have to be in the form of a garment. Create an amazing looking outfit with an oversized accessory such as a necklace, scarf or creative piece.

Images sourced from Pinterest

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