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05 May 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching. It's a special day where we can all take the opportunity to appreciate the values and many roles that motherhood encounters.

I love my Mum. She is a pillar of strength and is the one person who will love me for who I am, even during the times that I have made mistakes and lost my way. She's always there to guide me when I'm at a crossroads and she comforts me when I'm down and says all the right things to make me feel, that I can pick myself up again and take in my stride what the world has to offer me. She is my best friend and I always enjoy sharing moments of happiness, fun and laughter with her.

Unfortunately, I won't be with my Mum this Mother's Day. So I'll hope to Skype her and send her a gift of thanks for the love and support she has always provided me. 

Although, I am a classic last minute gift giver, I do like to give gifts that are unique and personal. For all of you, who too, are last minute gift givers, here are some great Mother's Day gift ideas.

Simple Homewares - a simple ornament with a simple message that your Mum can look at on a daily basis, will tell her everyday how much you love her.

Offspring Charm - a wonderful gift to any Mother is the memorabilia of her loving children.

Sweet Treats - add a little personal love to some home baked cookies for your Mum.

Family Tree - an easy way to represent all the people that are closest to your Mother - her family.

Pamper Her - what Mother doesn't love a little pampering. A great way to show your Mum that you appreciate all the hard work that she effortlessly has put into loving and supporting you.

Portrait Photography - all Mother's love photos of their children, no matter what their age. Add a little interest by placing an unique background behind the photos.

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