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06 May 2012

Panty By Post

Ladies and gents, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you this fabulous Canadian based, French Lingerie label Panty By Post. That's right, the name says exactly what it means - French lingerie panties that you receive by post.

The offbeat and original concept was launched by Natalie Grunberg, a young woman that came up with the concept after frequent visits to Paris. Why go to Paris to get French, sexy panties, when Panty By Post will send them to you in the mail. A brilliant concept that offers both men and women a monthly subscription of a nice customised package with surprise knickers.

Already knowing the euphoria of buying lingerie, Natalie gives us all the thrill of unwrapping a package to discover a sexy surprise.

This concept has already been widely enjoyed in Canada, the USA and France and now it has been made available to the Australian market, attracting men and women of all ages who love feeling a little sexy.

Now, I'm no model nor have a model's figure. I'm just an everyday woman like many others. But we all like to feel a little sexy from time to time. Sexiness also comes with feeling comfortable with your own body and the way you feel when wearing your clothes. This also applies to what you wear underneath those clothes. The panties I received from Panty By Post, were definitely a nice surprise and once I had them on, they immediately made feel like a sexy siren  ; )

How it works is Panty By Post is a subscription based concept. You can register for a single shipment or for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months worth of shipments. The collection also includes a Hanky Panky bridal line, Plus Sizes and men's bambou briefs. Whether it is a gift to yourself or for your loved one and/or friends, this is a great way to make anyone feel like a sexy seductress.

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My Lingerie Addiction said...

Ahhhh this is what you were talking about yesterday. What a great idea! Don't you just love receiving gorgeously packaged items in the mail?