Miss Bias

28 June 2012

Holiday time

Finally, I can find some time to blog. Apologies for the little lack of posting these past few weeks. End of semester uni finals are now completed and the jet lag from international travel has now passed. So I'm feeling much more settled, now that I'm into the swing of holidays. Yay! And what better way to do it than from Vancouver, Canada.

Here are some holiday pics that were taken in the first couple of days of arriving.

There are flowers everywhere here in Downtown Vancouver. It does add a sense of prettiness and colour to the district.

Numerous side street food vans and yummy sugary sweets that tempt the taste buds. But I have been good.......so far!

My casual stroll attire. I actually didn't bring many clothes with me on purpose. I haven't yet been shopping though and the weather is a little cooler than I hoped. Shorts and short dresses aren't going to cut it day in day out. Any excuse to shop!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their week so far!

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Anonymous said...

Love this casual look of yours! Looks great!