Miss Bias

15 June 2012

Illustration inspiration

Happy Friday everyone!

It's been a super busy week. I'm only one week away from submitting my end of semester original designs, which are a must, since I'll be heading to Canada in 8 days. It will be my first trip to Canada, so I am rather excited.

But first, I need to power through the agonising process of finishing up my original capsule collection in the final week of my semester. Pressure is on, so I needed a little inspiration to help get me through the times of overwhelming fear of not completing all that I need to in time.

I often turn to looking at fashion illustrations for such inspiration and the below images were just perfect for that.

Laura Laine - amazing
Illustrations sourced via Pinterest


The girl in Oslo said...

Lovely drawings...
Can i borrow one?

Have a great weekend

Théa Unknown said...

Stunning drawings!

Théa Unknown

Anonymous said...

I so love your inspirational posts! They really do inspire me!