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30 June 2012

M.A.C Cosmetics

I'm not one to buy specific make-up brands as I don't think of myself as a big make-up user or an adventurous type with my make-up. I normally tend to stick to the basics. Foundation, concealer, bronzer (also acting as a rouge), eyeliner and mascara. I like to keep it as natural as possible. If I have a special occasion to attend, I'll add in some lipstick and a pinker rouge. 

However, as I get that little bit older, it's funny how I've started to take more notice of my skin and ways in which I can somewhat hide my aging process. My mind starts to think along the lines of "You aren't getting any younger. You should really start investing in good quality skin products before it's too late." So, with this in mind, I thought that this should also apply to my make-up.

As my Mum and I wandered around the streets of Downtown Vancouver, we stumbled across a M.A.C Cosmetics store. We entered the doors into what we thought was a whole new world of make-up and cosmetics. Literally hundreds of products lined the shelves and walls of this little haven of colourful and wondrous cosmetics. We both had never used the M.A.C product before, so with a little help from our lovely service attendant, we were converted over to the M.A.C side.

A goodie bag later and we were packed with several products ranging from tinted moisturiser, foundation, mineralize powder, lip liner, brushes and lipsticks.

We may have just spent more money in that one transaction than we both have spent in a couple of years on cosmetics, but we both think that we have made a good investment.

Are you a M.A.C Cosmetics user? If so, what product/s do you swear by?

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Anonymous said...

Not a user, but I may become one after this blog! You would have had a field day with all the makeup at your fingertips!