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17 June 2012

Window Sill

Here is a quick Sunday post. I was recently surprised with a very special gift - a Cannon EOS 60D - from my lovely Mr T. I had been wanting to get a DSLR camera for sometime now. With my Canada trip approaching in less than one week and my birthday next month, a couple of months ago, I had in mind to spoil myself with a new camera. But low and behold, I arrived home one night to have this wonderful gift waiting for me. Such a nice surprise!

Anyway, as I only have little time for the blog at the moment and needed to practice a little on the 60D, I shot a few items that are sitting on my bedroom window sill. I am really loving the new camera. It's such a pleasure to take photos with compared to my little point and shoot camera.

Perfume - gifts from Mr T - Lovestruck by J. Lo and Love by Sex in the City

My elephant ornament - a gift from one of my dearest girlfriends.

Gold cuff and earrings - from Lovisa

Do you have items on any of your window sills? I'd love to hear what they are.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

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