Miss Bias

22 July 2012

Butterfly Garden

Wow! This is the longest time that I have been absent from the blog. It has felt like an eternity, yet it has only been two weeks. My last week of holidays, I had very limited internet access and when I returned home, my internet connection had decided it would shut down after a long period of non-use. But finally, I find myself back online. Hallelujah!

When travelling on Vancouver Island, I couldn't resist experiencing the Butterfly Gardens. Butterflies are such beautiful creatures and why miss out on such an opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of them.

The Metamorphosis stage

Then the release

Along with the other animals that shared their environment

And the gorgeous Flamingos 

It was a day well spent.


Michelle's Style File said...

Those butterfly's are SO beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Love your look!