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07 July 2012

Craigdarroch Castle

After arriving in the township of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, I soon discovered that there are so many beautiful things to see. So I thought that the best way to showcase all the wonderful places that I've seen throughout the week is to do a series of posts on each attraction.

My first stop was the Craigdarroch Castle. Filled with rich history and presence, this landmark is a must see when visiting Victoria. This legendary mansion was built between 1887 - 1890 for Robert Desmuir, who immigrated from Scotland and made his fortunes from Vancouver Island coal and was announced at the time as the richest man in Western Canada.

Now privately owned and operated by the Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society, it is funded by almost 140,000 visitors a year.

Each room is beautifully appointed with authentic pieces. Not only are the rooms in their entirety magnificent,  the details are equally incredible.

What I also loved, is that the gift shop too paid attention to holding onto exquisite detailed pieces.

A visit I won't forget in a hurry.

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